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Mobile VAS

Mobile VAS

We target Mobile value-added services (VAS) that offer differentiation and the ability for mobile operators to charge a premium price, catering to the youth of our nation. It includes non-voice messaging services like SMS, MMS and also wireless data services based on technologies such as WLAN, GPRS etc.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Is there an app for that? Oh yes there is. Mobile Apps help us do things like call, chat, search, buy, watch, listen, play, click, share and have become an integral part of our lives. We work on some cool concept ideas and make them a reality.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Everyone has friends and everyone has an online social profile. Social networks have become a popular hangout choice for many people today. This exciting world includes many interesting opportunities, that can change the way you interact with your friends and peers

Hungry Leopard

is now

Stewot Logo Hungry Leopard

It's a Steward and It's a Bot. It's Stewot.

A tablet based solution on Android for the hospitality industry.

A dynamic and digital, menu and ordering system for restaurants, which presents an interactive menu card, with all information pertaining to an item including images, description, customizations, recommendations etc. The guest can use this to browse through the menu and even place an order directly.

In short, Stewot as a system is,

  • A digital menu card enriched with all the information pertaining to a food item.

  • A chef in disguise, providing recommendations and suggestions.

  • The social front-end to the restaurant, opening the restaurant and its menu offering to the online population on Facebook and Twitter.

  • An effective review and feedback system, helping the restaurant to improve customer service and customer retention.

Visit to know more.

Yotto Finder

The forces of nature are difficult to reckon with. But human love and togetherness is something that can help us stand up and face anthing.

Yotto Finder, A People Finder Facebook app, was developed for victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The application runs on the Facebook Platform, and helps you submit and receive information about your friends and family affected by any natural calamities across the World. It is similar to Google Person Finder, but the fact that it runs on Facebook and the fact that you can submit information about your friends only, makes the data more genuine and spam-free.

The information you submit is then made available through a public search, thereby helping other people to become aware of the status and whereabouts of those affected.

Yotto Finder has evolved into a more generic service, and is the only disaster people finder app available on Facebook today.

Yotto Wink

Here is a service for those who are still waiting for their 'would be' partners to confess.

Now you can express your feelings to your loved ones without having to fear rejection. A completely privacy aware and spam-free service. To know more watch the video.

Want to use the service? Find out more here

Yotto Wink on Facebook

Yotto Wink is on Facebook too!

You can now send a like/love/hate wink to your Facebook friends and see if they wink back. It is also completely privacy aware and we use email as a medium of communication.

Only when there is a match, both the parties be notified about their mutual feelings, thus avoiding embarrassment to the initiator. You can check out the app, here


Yotto Labs and Hungry Leopard were featured in Sunday Times, Bangalore Edition on November 6th, 2011.

"Yotto Labs developed an Android-based tablet PC solution called, Hungry Leopard, which is a dynamic menu and digital ordering system for restaurants. The application acts as an interactive menu card from which a guest can browse through and place orders. The developer has gone a step further and integrated social networking sites in to their app, which means you can tag the item you like or the service and send it to your friends on Facebook or Twitter."

You can find the complete article here.

Aegis Awards

Yotto Finder was awarded for Innovation in Social Networking from honorable MoS for Communications and Information Technology, Shri Sachin Pilot, at the Bloomberg UTV Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2011, held at Mumbai, on July 23rd 2011.

Yotto Wink was also nominated in the category of "Innovation in Mobile Entertainment". reviewed Yotto Wink on February 25, 2011

Winking is one of those time tested mechanism that still works (okay! that’s debatable). With the coming of the digital world, winking needs a digital push as well and Bangalore based startup, Yotto Labs has an interesting service to offer to all the lovers (or FOSLAs, realistically speaking), Yotto Wink


Devendra Tripathi

Co-Founder, Chairman


   Devendra has over 24 years of experience in architecting and managing hardware and software components, systems and solutions. Being located in the Bay area he has worked in various capacities such as CTO at CoVisible Solutions Inc and Director of Systems Architecture at Vitesse Semiconductor. Currently he is Advisor and Member of BOD in companies in India and US. Devendra has six US patents awarded and multiple in pipeline. He is specialist in networking protocols from layer 1 to layer 7. A serial entrepreneur, he is a founding member of multiple technology companies namely Spike Technologies (now Qualcomm), XaQti Corporation (now Vitesse Semiconductor), CoVisible Solutions and Xambala Inc. Devendra did his MS in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Dr. Subir Saha

Co-Founder, CEO


   Dr. Subir Saha, with more than 20 years of research and leadership experience behind him, is widely hailed as an authority in the field of VoIP and Network Security. He has headed the Research group of Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) at Bangalore driving a team of 14 researchers to deliver innovations for NSN services business. Before joining NSN, Dr. Saha had spent around 5 years in Motorola Lab at Bangalore doing research and research management in the domain of Next Generation Network with a focus in Security, Privacy and Identity Management. Dr. Saha is VoIP/IMS guru and has few standard contributions in 3GPP, TISPAN, IETF. Before joining Motorola, Dr. Saha was Chief Architect of VoIP group in Hughes Software System (Aricent) in Bangalore and the same with a start-up, LongBoard Inc in Santa Clara. Dr. Saha has to his credit more than 30 filed and 5 issued patents along with more than a dozen publications in telecom domain in many International Conferences. He is well known speaker in many International Conferences and an Innovation Activist who preaches young Indians in innovation through his passionate lectures. Dr.Saha is active IEEE member and IEEE COMSOC vice-chair. Dr. Saha has a Ph.D. in Physics from BITS, Pilani where he did research in Experimental Solid State Physics and Materials Science. He is also a Post-doctoral fellow from TIFR, Mumbai and alumnus of National Physics Laboratory (Delhi).

Anup Ghoshal

Head of Business


   Anup Ghoshal, has 10 years experience in retail banking & BFSI, adding more to it, he has a 5+ years of success records with multiple startups in India. Being an expert in scaling new business for start-up companies, he possess experience of over a decade in handling large and complex teams.Mr Anup has vast industry experience in retail banking, among which he was the head of Business development in Solarix(India) and Jivity, business head in A&A consultant.He was also the AVP & branch manager of ING Vysysa Bank and Branch Head of Kotak Mahindra Bank.Adding to it,he worked as a Manager in Sales in Max New York Insurance,and also as a DP Head of HDFC Bank,Karnataka and Executive Stock Holding Corp.India.He did his PGDBA from VIT and is a BSc Honors in Physics. Apart from his profession,he is a passionate teacher and an avid poet,who can writes poems in three different languages and dreams to publish his own coffee table book of poetry one day.

Alak Deb

Bod & Promoter


   He is a hardcore technologist and serial entrepreneur. He possess experience in Cloud, Mobile applications, Networking, High Speed trading, Web applications, Analytics and compute infrastructure.He has also served and serving many startups as an Advisor in Advisory Board-such as Savari networks, Finomical, Softech Engineers.He was the chief architect and co-founder of Appcito, CEO.CTO of Looptivity, EIR of Artiman Ventures, CTO/Co-founder of Xambala, CEO of Co-Visible(part of softech),CTO/Co-founder of Xaqti(bought by Vitesse).He has also worked as VP, Network Proccessing in Vitesse, Designware(Synopsis),Dir Engr,Kalpana(bought by Cisco),Lan Guys(C&T-bought by 3Com). Eat,Drink,Sleep and Technology is what we lives with.

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